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Latex Travel Pillow

Take the comfort of a latex pillow on holidays with you! Now when you travel for work or holidays, you don’t need to leave your comfy pillow at home. The Latex Travel Pillow is compact and easy to pack or carry – roll it up and pop in your bag! There are many more benefits to the Latex Travel Pillow:

  • 100% pure latex
  • Pin core holes for natural ventilation
  • Includes removable / washable cover
  • Cover can be used as a pillow case or pillow can be taken out and used with normal bed linen
  • Anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial
  • Low profile / medium density
  • Imported from Italy – made by Stella Rubino
  • 2-year warranty
  • A comfortable sleep when away from home
  • A great gift idea for family or friends
Product Details
Rolled - 10cm diameter x 40cm longUnrolled - 30cm wide x 40cm long$125$100 - 20% off