The Comfort Shop

Common Questions

1. Is your range of Wall Beds exclusive to The Comfort Shop?

Yes - we exclusively stock Australia’s largest range of Italian-made wall beds by leading Italian manufacturer - Clei.

2. Do your wall beds need to be fixed to a wall?

Most of our range do need to be fixed to a wall for safe and proper use. However we also stock wall beds which are freestanding and do not need to be attached to a wall.

3. What’s included in the price of the wall bed?

The price of the wall bed includes a very good quality, comfortable Visco Elastic mattress and a posture slat bed base.

4. How are the wall beds installed?

Our wall beds do come with instructions and can be installed yourself. However we do recommend wall beds be professionally installed by a registered tradesperson.

5. How long does it take to open / close the wall beds?

The Comfort Shop wall beds open and close in a matter of seconds - like magic!

6. Can I leave sheets and blankets on the wall bed when not in use?

Yes - the wall beds are designed to be used with the linen remaining in place - you do not need to remove sheets and blankets when closing the wall beds.

7. If I move house, can I take the wall bed with me?

Yes – our range of wall beds can be dismantled (and unattached if necessary) and reassembled / installed at a new location – assuming the wall bed has not been permanently built in to a wall.

8. Do wall beds require servicing?

The Italian manufacturer recommends wall beds are checked and serviced by a qualified tradesperson periodically (every 12 months or so) to ensure they continue to operating safely and effectively.

9. Are wall beds designed for everyday use?

Yes – wall beds are designed to be used on a regular basis and offer the comfort of a good quality visco elastic or latex mattress and a posture slat bed base – so you are sleeping on a very comfortable bed.

10. Can I build cupboards and shelves around the wall bed?

Yes – wall beds can be integrated with shelving and cupboards, which gives a very nice 'finished' look to the room. A designer or carpenter could provide advice on best options.

11. Do you offer a service for someone to come and measure and quote?

Yes – in the greater Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne areas, we offer a free service - a qualified staff member will arrange a time with you to come and advise on the best wall bed solution for your space.

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