The Comfort Shop

Common Questions

1. Where are The Comfort Shop bed bases made?

Our range of Dorsal bed bases (Forza / Viva / Ergo) are designed and manufactured in Italy.

2. Is your range of bed bases exclusive to The Comfort Shop?

Yes - our full range of Dorsal bed bases is exclusive to The Comfort Shop - they are not available in any other store.

3. What are the benefits of a posture slat bed base over a standard base?

Posture slat bed bases are designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The flexible slats work with your mattress to reduce pressure points on your body and give you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

4. What happens if I break a slat?

It is very rare for a posture slat to break (see Warranty & Care Information), however in the unlikely event this does occur, we keep replacement slats at our warehouse.

5. Why are there 2 sides to the posture slat bases?

This is to allow each person to adjust the base on each side to suit their own needs - firmer or softer. This also helps reduce partner disturbance or transfer of movement across the base and mattress. It also makes the base a more sturdy and stronger structure.

6. How do I adjust the adjusters to make them firmer or softer?

Pushing the adjusters away from each other on each side of the base makes the slats firmer - pushing them together to touch in the middle of each half of the base makes the slats softer.

7. Do you stock adjustable bases?

Yes – The Comfort Shop stocks a range of both manually adjustable bed bases and electric adjustable bed bases.

8. Can I keep my current bed surround and just update the base or slats?

Yes – all of our bed bases are designed to be installed inside bed surrounds. The Forza bed base is designed specifically for this purpose and is a very affordable way of keeping your current bed surround, but upgrading the base inside.

9. Do your bases support any type of mattress?

Yes – our range of posture slat bases are designed to support any sort of mattress – although we recommend one of our range of pure Latex Mattresses or Visco Elastic Mattresses.

10. What is the warranty on your bed bases?

All of our bed bases include a 5 year warranty – see Warranty and Care information.