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Latex Mattresses

Browse our range of pure latex mattresses

The Comfort Shop stocks an exclusive range of 100% pure Latex mattresses and Visco Elastic mattresses - by Italian designer Stella Rubino. Natural Latex mattresses and Visco Elastic mattresses are 100% spring free and designed to give you the perfect night’s sleep by contouring to your unique body shape and reducing pressure points across your body - great for all types of sleepers!

Our mattresses are available in all sizes - soft / medium / firm - most in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Unique features of our mattresses include:

  • Italian designed and produced
  • Zoning - varying degrees of support for comfort
  • Removable cover for cleaning
  • Ventilation band allows mattress to breath and remain temperature neutral (most models)
  • Pin core holes (Latex) and air tunnels (Visco Elastic) promote ventilation
  • 100% spring free - minimises partner disturbance, lasts longer than a spring mattress and is better for the environment
  • 10 year warranty (most models)

Combine with one of our Posture Slat Bed Bases for a perfect night’s sleep. Please click on the images below for detailed information about our range.