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Double Wall Beds

Double size Murphy Beds for sale


If you’re looking for a pull-down bed that delivers on comfort, is big on value and made from quality materials, look no further than our range of double Wall Beds. When extended, our Murphy Beds reach heights of 2200mm and a width of 1560mm, but when it’s stored the bed’s true potential is realised. 

When they’re not being used our double Wall Beds have a cabinet depth starting at 31cm, so by day it nearly completely disappears - maximising the potential of your space in a unique way.

At The Comfort Shop we stock Australia’s largest range of Wall Beds which are produced and designed in Italy from CLEI - the global leader in Wall Beds. All of our beds also come with high-quality Visco Elastic Mattresses and Posture Slat Bed Bases

Explore our double Wall Beds today.