The Comfort Shop

Common Questions

1. Is your range of bed surrounds and headboards exclusive to The Comfort Shop?

Yes - all of our bedroom furniture is exclusive to The Comfort Shop - you won’t find our products in any other store.

2. Do your bed surrounds include a bed base?

Yes - all of our bed surrounds include the Forza Posture Slat Base by Dorsal Italia, ensuring good support and maximum comfort.

3. Which size bed surrounds do you stock?

We stock all sizes - from single to king size - often in stock and ready for immediate delivery!

4. Where are your bedsurrounds and headboards made?

Our bedroom furniture comes from Italy, Germany and Malaysia. Our range of headboards are manufactured in Italy and Australia.

5. What range of fabrics can I choose for my headboard to be upholstered in?

We recommend a range of Warwick and Zepel fabrics, however you can also choose any fabric of your choice and we can order fabrics to match existing furniture.

6. Do your bed surrounds support any mattress?

Yes – The Comfort Shop’s range of bed surrounds all include quality posture slat bases – while we do recommend our pure Latex Mattresses and Visco Elastic Mattresses as the perfect match for our bed surrounds, the bases are designed to support all types of mattresses.

7. Are your bed surrounds easy to assemble & disassemble?

As part of our professional delivery service in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, our delivery team will unpack and assemble your bed surround for you on delivery. But yes – the bed surrounds come with instructions for assembly and are not too difficult to assemble yourself if required and can be disassembled if you move house.

8. What Is A Headboard?

9. Can You Put A Headboard On An Adjustable Bed?

10. How Do You Clean A Fabric Headboard?